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Even the most concerned employer is insured by a Workers’ Compensation insurance company whose number one priority is saving money. Your treatment could go on for months with the same doctor; you might find that the doctor is treating your condition in a way that results in no relief, or you may be treated for an injury that hasn’t been properly diagnosed by an MRI or other testing.

I am committed to holding the employer and insurer responsible for the improvement of your health. The first step of my commitment is to demand proper medical treatment. Kiefer Law Office seeks results in relief from your symptoms and compensation for your case. Let Kiefer Law Office, LLC get your case on track to treat your injury.

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What is covered under the work comp statute?

When you’re hurt at work, and the injury is found to be compensable (more on that in an upcoming post), you have certain rights.  The employer and insurer are  required to provide medical treatment to “cure and relieve the effects of the injury.”

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There is no up-front fee, retainer, or hourly billing that you must pay out of your pocket. I don’t get paid unless and until you get paid.

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Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your work injury or Social Security Disability case. I have flexible hours and will come to you if transportation is an issue. I represent clients all over Missouri, so wherever you are, I’ve got you covered.

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