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Where Will My Case Be Handled?

Venue will be in Missouri for all accidents occurring here.  However, if the “contract for employment” was made in Missouri and the injury occurred elsewhere, it also can be venued here.  We see this a lot with workers who travel for work, or have projects out of state, like construction, road maintenance, or other jobs that require people to perform work elsewhere when they were hired in Missouri.  Sometimes, the issue of “contract for employment made in Missouri” can be a tricky question.  Call us if there is a question about your contract for employment.

If the proper venue for the case is in Missouri, it will then be assigned within the state based on where the injury occurred.  Venues are broken up into eight offices as outlined here.   We can also ask for a change of venue if, for example, the Claimant lives in St. Louis, but was working in Kansas City at the time of the injury.  Most Administrative Law Judges are very generous about changing venue to make it most convenient for the Claimant.

Each of the eight offices have Administrative Law Judges who are assigned to specific areas.  For example, out of the Jefferson City office, it is further broken down to include Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton, Moberly, Lake Ozark, Marshall, Sedalia, and other Central Missouri cities.

It’s important to recognize that there are differences between the ways each venue handles their dockets.  There are also differences in the way each judge handles their cases and the way each judge is likely to lean in their awards.

We have handled cases in every venue in Missouri, and we know how to navigate the subtle and sometimes radical differences between them.

Do not hesitate to call is if you’ve suffered an injury and are unsure where or how to proceed.


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