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Wait, You Forgot About The Rest Of My Body!

Here’s something that happens all too often.  Let’s say you fall off a ladder at work and break your ankle.  At the emergency room, and at follow-up appointments, your ankle gets all the attention.  You may be sent to an orthopedic specialist that focuses on feet and ankles.  This is all good.  But, your hip and back hurt too.  You didn’t mention it at the ER because your ankle was killing you!  You mentioned it at the orthopedic appointment but were told by the doctor, “I am only authorized to treat your ankle.”  Before you know it, 6 months have passed, you’re released by the ankle doctor, and your hip and back pain are unbearable.

Again, this is were I remind you, “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.”  So, you need it to be noted in a medical note somewhere, which means you need to keep mentioning it at every appointment.  If this still doesn’t result in treatment for the hip and back, there’s no way around it, you need representation.  I have been successful arguing, “Hey, the guy had a bone sticking out of his ankle, it was a major injury, so the other stuff got ignored.  But he fell 10 feet and landed on his right side.  Of course the hip and back are injured, but it was ignored.”  I have been successful getting treatment in these situations when the worker has been ignored for weeks or months.  However, every month that passes without mention of the hip or back makes it harder to get it treated by the employer.

Call us if parts of your body are being ignored.  All of you matter!

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