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Recorded Statement


At the beginning of your case, when an adjuster is assigned by the insurance company, he or she will call you for a recorded statement about your injury.  You will be asked how the injury happened, who witnessed it, what body parts you injured, and if you have any prior injury to the same body parts.

Sometimes, these statements are harmless.  It allows you to give an account of what happened, close in time to the accident, so your memory is fresh at that time.  But, make no mistake, the employer will return to this statement later if they think they can use it against you.

If you hire an attorney quickly, your lawyer will prep you for the call, and will be on the phone during this statement.  If your lawyer enters after this takes place, don’t worry.  The law requires the employer to provide this to your lawyer.  I always read these as soon as I get them.  I’m looking for any inconsistencies or questions that seem to overreach or potentially present problems.  Without an attorney, this statement could be used against you later as a surprise, when you are not able to explain yourself.

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