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Ongoing and Future Medical Treatment


Let me tell you something about insurance companies.  They like to close files.  They like to close files quickly, PERMANENTLY, with as little expense as possible.  They don’t like loose ends, and they don’t like cases on the “always open” list.

When you are released from treatment, that doesn’t always mean that down the road you won’t need more treatment for your injury.  It’s possible to be released at Maximum Medical Improvement, yet still have a need for treatment in the future.  For example, if you have a head injury and see a neurologist for several months, and and then are released with no further follow-up appointments, the neurologist could still say that you will need Topamax (headache medication) on an ongoing basis.  The insurers don’t like this.  It means that even if your case settles, they still have to process your prescription payments for the remainder of your life.  They will do whatever they can to prevent this from happening.

It is important to note that judges don’t seem to like this issue much either, unfortunately.  It can be very difficult to get this future benefit so if this is an issue in your case, call us to get the maximum benefit for your health in the future.

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