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Nurse Case Managers

This is a slippery slope.  Nurse case managers are assigned by insurance adjusters to handle a claim.  Their job is to coordinate doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, and other aspects of treatment.  They may contact you about scheduling appointments.

BUT….they also will show up at the doctor’s appointments with you.  They will try to come into the examining room with you.  DO NOT LET THEM.  Politely say, “I would like to see the doctor alone.”  They ARE allowed to talk to the doctor about you, but they do not have the right to barge into examining rooms with you.

Also, most of these nurses are very nice and helpful. I know most of them as the same nurses are assigned to cases over and over.  They may appear to have good intentions, but…THEY WORK FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY.  They will tell the insurance company everything you tell them.  They are asked by adjusters to move cases along quickly, and they are all too aware of the insurance company’s desire to save money.

My policy is to allow their involvement in cases, but I give my clients very specific instructions on how to deal with them.

Call our office the minute someone contacts you about being your case manager.  (I’ve had many clients tell me they identify themselves as “caseworkers” also.)  Don’t proceed with them without talking to us first.


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