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Is Big Brother Watching You?

It is frustrating to read articles like this in the New York Times. This kind of mentality about disabled people is based on an assumption that disabled people are dishonest, lazy, or cheating the system.  It ignores the fact that Social Security Disability is essentially an insurance policy.  Applying for disability is simply a person filing a claim on an insurance policy into which they have paid the premiums.  In fact, if you haven’t paid into this insurance policy, you cannot access it.

While those claiming to have serious back injuries, for example, should probably be unable to compete in major athletic activities, they do not have to be in a constant state of inertia.  It is okay to apply for and receive disability benefits and still live a full life.  It is okay to have an illness and still go on a vacation, attend a birthday party, enjoy a dinner out with family.  And today, many of us share these types of activities on social media.  For the government to use this as a way to hunt down fraudulent claims is an attack on the majority of recipients who are honest, hard-working people.  What people don’t know, is the long, difficult process a person has to go through to get disability, and the length of time a  person has to go with zero income while they wade through this process.

Trust me, applicants for Social Security Disability will not be found on Facebook surfing and mountain biking.  But they have every right to be found enjoying the simple things in life.