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Is Anything Private?

Here’s something insurance companies love to do.  After you report your injury and your claim has been assigned to an insurance adjuster, you will likely get a phone call from him or her.  Or, you will instead get a letter, or a packet in the mail.  One thing they will ask of you is to sign releases of information for medical records.  You may thing, “Sure, that’s fine, they can get the records from my workers’ comp doctor.”

STOP RIGHT THERE….more often than not, this release is totally open.  If you look closer, it will say “ALL RECORDS” and the provider spot will actually be blank so they can fill in any doctor, whenever they want.  In other words, they could use this release to get every note from your primary care doctor, your psychiatrist, your allergist, your OB/GYN, anything and everything they can to see if there’s any note to show a pre-existing condition.  If you have a shoulder injury, they are looking for any note they can find that mentions the shoulder, even if it’s a “bug bite on shoulder” from 15 years ago.

I know, I know, this sounds insane, but trust me, I see it time and time again.  And the adjuster will hound you for these releases.  Don’t fall for it.  Call us so we can limit any private health information the insurer tries to get to undermine your case.


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