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Social Security Disability For People Under 50

 In the Social Security Disability world, the older the better


The first question I ask potential clients applying for SSD is “how old are you?”  Social Security doesn’t like to award benefits to young folks, and young is anyone under 50.  I’m personally pleased to see that someone thinks I’m young because I haven’t hit 50, but if I needed Social Security Disability, I’d be starting an uphill battle.

Think about it.  The Administration doesn’t want to say to a young person, “there is no work out there that you can do for the foreseeable future.”  The judges don’t want to throw in the towel on someone that can go to school, be retrained, or learn another trade.  They are so opposed to this idea that they’ve created “grids.”  These are charts that outline a person’s age, education, and what level of work they can do.  This gives them an answer on disability without even having to delve into too many specifics about your case.

For example, a 25 year old with a PhD in rocket science who is paralyzed from the waist down is likely to be denied.  Why?  Because with their fancy PhD, they can work from home, do consulting on the phone, work from a computer from anywhere.  If they have no cognitive injury and no problems with their upper extremities, they can find work.

Compare that to a 55 year old woman with a 10th grade education, who has worked her entire life in factories.  She has carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, a shoulder injury, and diagnosed foot problems.  She can no longer stand and use her upper extremities repetitively to do factory work.  Though her diagnoses may seem less severe than the example above, she doesn’t have the skills to go to another kind of job.  Social Security will also find her too old to be required to go back to school or be retrained.  She is likely to win when using the grids.

Most people are somewhere in between.  If you’ve been told you can’t get SSD because you’re too young, that’s because your age makes it soooooooo much harder!  But not impossible.  Give us a call and I’ll let you know if time is the thing keeping you from benefits, and if I can make a win possible.