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How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Case?




The short answer to this question is “I have no idea.”  There are files in my cabinets that are 8 years old and still open.  There are others that sit in my filing cabinets for a short 4 months before going into my storage areas.  What’s the difference?  TREATMENT.

If you have a sprained ankle, the employer agrees that it happened, you see just one or two doctors and are released after 60 days, your case could settle within 60 days after your release.  If you have a serious injury requiring many doctors, several body parts, ongoing arguments with the employer about treatment, and a slow road to recovery, you will have a relationship with me for a very long time.

At every meeting in my conference room I say, “You and I might be talking for a few months, or we may become like best friends because you will talk to me every few weeks for years.  Hold on for the ride.”

We do everything we can to move cases quickly, which means no file goes months without being touched.  We use our calendar system to stay up to date on every case along the way.  We push the employer for treatment aggressively.  We set meetings quickly and we get them to trial fast if we can.  However, we are somewhat at the mercy of the other side.  If the attorney representing the employer doesn’t return calls, doesn’t respond to requests, and is just difficult to deal with, the case will take longer.  We have access to judge’s but even the docket system keeps us from getting in front of the judge as quickly as we’d like.

Whatever the circumstances, this will be a long process for most of you injured at work.  You will need patience and you will be frustrated.  But with our help we can move things as quickly as possible while providing support along the way.

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