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Culture of Compassion: Get to Know the Kiefer Law Office Team

Kiefer Law Office Team


Kiefer Law Office is a different kind of law firm. With “creating a culture of compassion” as our philosophy and corner stone of our business, we have a staff that has helped to create the family environment our clients love and appreciate. Working with people in crisis, we know the importance of not just focusing on winning our client’s cases but also supporting them as an individual. We place a high priority on supporting them as they struggle to regain their life and livelihood after a life-changing injury.


Cassi Cody Kiefer Law Office

Cassi Cody

Cassi Cody, intake coordinator, and Dayna Elliot, our office manager, are sisters who have always had a heart for serving others. They make a dynamic team, having been together their entire life. What makes them great is their style, professionalism, sense of humor, and big hearts.


Cassi recently said, “When we take on a new client, we take on a new family member. Even after the case has settled, we maintain relationships with our clients. I am the person who calls to see how they are doing months and years after the case.”


Dayna Elliot Kiefer Law Office

Dayna Elliot


With a background in social work, Dayna is the one who likes to encourage and build people up. Dayna makes a point of finding the good in everyone and calling out the strengths in people.


“Our clients have been through a lot, and I make a point of telling them what makes them great and how confident I am in them. There is so much strength in their willingness to fight. The important thing is never to give up, even if your employer or the system is telling you that you have no recourse and justice seems impossible,” She said.


Having such a caring team has helped us become the go-to law firm for injured workers. Our clients discover how different we are and that this kind of culture is important in a world where there is so much conflict and injustice.