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Get A Prescription Card

As if you don’t have enough to think about when you’re injured, here’s another thing to stay on top of.  When you first file your injury, you will hopefully receive a card to use when you have to pick up prescriptions.  However, I would say that most of my clients never get a card, or if they do, they misplace it.

To be completely honest, this is one of my least favorite phone calls from a client: “I”m at the pharmacy to pick up my medication because I just had surgery and they say the prescription isn’t covered.” Well, it’s not covered because the pharmacy has no idea who to bill unless you have a card, or a phone number to get it approved.

If you get such a card in the mail, KEEP IT.  Also, try to be proactive and be sure that your chosen pharmacy has the information they need before you show up with the script.  I also have seen smaller pharmacies handle these better than big stores.  If you have a local, small pharmacy, use that.  They will be more likely to make phone calls for you to get it approved.

And as always, call us if this is a problem.


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