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Did You See That?

The first hurdle when you have a work injury is “does the employer admit that this incident happened at all?”  For instance, if you fall off of a ladder and your co-worker was right there holding the ladder, your employer is not going to deny the injury all together.  However, if you fall and no one is standing right beside you, will your employer argue the incident all together?

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to report the injury immediately.  Go to a supervisor, tell them what happened, and ask to put it in writing immediately.  Some employers have injury report forms on hand and will quickly get what you need to file a report.  Others will act like deer in the headlights.  If that’s the case, then write out a statement as soon as your can.

In your written report, LIST EVERY PERSON WHO MAY HAVE BEEN NEARBY OR WHO HEARD YOU MENTION IT.  Sometimes a case will hinge on the coworker who testifies, “Yes, Mr. Smith came around the corner and said he had just fallen.  He was holding his head saying it hurt and he sat down for awhile saying he was dizzy.”  If you said such a thing to a co-workers, put it in the initial report.

If your employer is arguing that they don’t believe the incident happened at all, contact us right away.  We can get this part of the problem sorted out early on to prevent a complete denial of your claim.


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