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Dangling the Carrot

I often get calls from an injured worker saying, “I received this letter in the mail saying to sign and show up to see the judge on this date so I can get ‘X’ amount of money.”

When you’re finished with treatment, you may not hear anything from the insurance company for months.  You have gone on with your life, thought the case was closed, and have learned to live with your ongoing symptoms.  Then, the insurance company will present you with an offer to close the case out.  You may think, “Oh wow, I didn’t know I was entitled to any compensation, I’ll take it.”

Not so fast.  The insurer is hoping that you will see any offer as a pleasant surprise and that you’ll take it and allow them to close your case with the lowest cost.

In almost every call I get from an injured worker in this situation, the offer presented is way too low for the injury.

If you get any offer, it is absolutely time to call us.


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