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Corrections Officers’ Jobs are Downright Dangerous

The Columbia Tribune wrote this Story on what we at Kiefer Law know all too well.  If you are a Corrections Officer, your job in  inherently dangerous.  However, what policies are in place to avoid it as much as possible?  If you are hurt, how are you treated afterward?  Does the State offer you support, medical treatment, and compensation well-deserved by you as a hard-working State employee?

Unfortunately, the answer is often no.  Injured workers call my office for one reason, and it’s not money.  People call me because they want to get well, and they want to get back to work.  I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of State employees, many of who are working in very difficult work environments.  Corrections Officers remain some of the most dedicated folks I’ve ever represented.  You deserve gratitude, safe conditions, and support from your employer.

If you are an injured Corrections Officer, or an employee in any other dangerous job focused on protecting the citizens of Missouri, call my office.  I know the unique nature of your job, I understand how it’s affecting your life, and I have the experience to get you back on track.