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Commission finds Permanent Total Disability (PTD) despite return to work

Blue collar worker PTD


This is a win we’re quite proud of. The commission found Permanent Total Disability (PTD) despite a return to work. Benefits were awarded to a hardworking man who did not give up easily and tried to work for some time after his injury.

We argued and won that these efforts didn’t disqualify him from the benefits he deserved. Our win was recently covered by the MO Workers’ Comp Alert.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Claimant alleges he injured his neck, back and head when he fell while trying to load an air conditioner unit in 2011.

The Commission modified the award to PTD  against the second injury fund. The Commission noted that vocational issue is: whether, in the ordinary course of business, any employer reasonably would be expected to hire the injured worker, given his present physical condition and not simply what jobs a claimant “might” be able to perform given certain job restrictions.  (Full Article)