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Christine Kiefer Featured in COMO Living Magazine

COMO Living Magazine Leap of Faith


Christine Kiefer was recently featured in Como Living Magazine’s Leap of Faith article, which highlights five local professionals who’ve overcame obstacles to reinvent their lives and careers.


Starting over. Trying something new. These two phrases often evoke fear of change and of the unknown. And though we often resist change, it’s one of the few things in life that’s constant. These five Mid-Missourians have pushed through doubt, grief, injury, and divorce to create positive transformation for themselves and those they love.


Advocating for People in Crisis

After earning her criminal justice degree from Truman State University, Christine Kiefer started working as a probation and parole officer in St. Louis. “I loved my job,” she says. “I learned so much about the world, human behavior, and the idea that good people make mistakes.”


She got married at 23, had two children by age 26, and found herself divorced before age 30. At the time, she was working as a commissioner to the court, a job that involved working midnights at the city jail and day shifts at the courthouse. She had topped out in terms of salary and didn’t feel like she was being challenged at work anymore; an attorney co-worker suggested law school. “On a whim, I bought the LSAT book and began studying for the test required for law school entry.” After studying for a few weeks, she took the LSAT, applied, and was accepted to St. Louis University’s night program.


During law school, Christine worked full time and took classes three or four nights a week. “This time in my life is almost a blur,” she says. “I cherished every moment I had with my kids, my family, and friends.” After four years of night school, Christine obtained her law degree.


“I didn’t love law school,” Christine continues. “I didn’t love the process, and I hated studying for and taking the bar exam. But I love that I did it, I love that I learned so much about perseverance, and I love that I taught my children a valuable lesson in taking risks and sticking with something hard.”


At 34, Christine started working as an attorney in Jefferson City. “It was quite a change from St. Louis, but my children and I moved to be closer to their father, which was the best decision I’ve ever made for my family.”


Practicing as an attorney, Christine immediately felt she was exactly where she needed to be. “This match of skill, personality, and profession is something that really is priceless. I got to fight for hard-working people and make a difference in a way I did back when I was a probation officer.”


In April 2017, Christine started her own firm, Kiefer Law Office, in Columbia. “I wanted to start a firm consistent with my core values, and I wanted to put together a team of like-minded people dedicated to advocating for people in crisis,” she says. “Now, I work with two fabulous women who work every day to fight for injured and disabled workers.” (Full Article)